Trustees / Reports


Postponed AGM

Due to unforseen circumstances the Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trust Annual General Meeting  of Owners that was called to be held at Tarimano Marae on Saturday 24th of November 2018.  

The AGM was Postponed until further notice due to tangihanga held at Tarimano Marae.

The postponed AGM will be rescheduled in the near future. 


Our Trustees

The Trustees would like to thank you all for your ongoing support as we endeavour to ensure Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trust flourishes for many years to come by looking for more future opportunities while maintaining the current portfolios, values and protocols that Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata trust has always enjoyed.

Rear:  Wharekonehu Te Moni, John Ransfield, Geof Rice

Front: Ngahihi Bidois, Anaru Bidois, Reremanu Wihapi, Te Rangikaheke Bidois

Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trustees, Haraki Marae, Dec 2017.



Ngahihi-o-te-ra Bidois

 The 2017 Chairman Report is available here.

Annual General Meeting Reports

Our 2017 AGM report is available for viewing.
Please click here to access it.