Currently there are approximately 2388 owners in Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trust and a total of 115,340 shares.  To identify if you are a shareholder in the Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trust, please search on:  


Approximate owners


Please note we are currently not paying dividends.  When dividends do resume, the Trust prefers to pay dividends direct to your bank account.  The bank account must be in the same name as the owner and we require a statement of verified account name and number.  This helps us to ensure that any dividends are allocated to the correct person.   If you have more than one name, it is important to visit the Maori Land Court and update this to the name that you use for your identification and banking as we can then update our records to match the Maori Land Court register.


Succession is the transfer of shares from a deceased owner to their descendants and beneficiaries. The type of succession you lodge depends on specific factors.  You will need to contact the Māori Land Court or visit here:

Update your information

We appreciate if you can notify us of your new address to help us keep these records up to date. For an address change, you can notify us by email, mail or phone and we will update our records.

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