Grants & Scholarships

Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trust assist with Grants and Scholarships to beneficiaries in the following areas:

  • Education Grant (Annual applications open in April)
  • Kaumatua Grants (Provide contact details to Deloitte, November annually)
  • Marae Grants (Tarimano and Haraki Marae)

2020 Tertiary Education Grant Application Form


Re-opening April 2021.
Criteria for application:  

You must be a current shareholder or a direct descendant of a current land owner of Mangorewa Kaharoa Te Taumata Trust.

Students should be full-time and third year or beyond.  You must download and complete the attached PDF Application in full and return it with any information required via the options available.  If you need assistance please feel free to email or call for further information. 

Options to submit your application (& all required information):

In person:

Attn: Moana Miller
Deloitte Rotorua
Pukeroa Oruawhata House
2nd Floor,  1176 Amohau Street
Rotorua 3010

By post:

Attn: Moana Miller
Deloitte Rotorua
PO Box 12003
Rotorua 3045


Subject: Moana Miller